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Promoting soulful fitness of the mind, body and spirit. Cultivating mindful, energetic, soul stirring movement, meditation, prayer, contemplation and reflection with an emphasis on overall healing, self-love, self- awareness,  compassion, confidence and inner peace. Exploring and developing positive and high vibrational energy internally allowing us to manifest passionately our purpose. Building core strength, flexibility and overall balance providing a poised practice of high vibration, positivity, authenticity and light through faith and connection to community on and off of the mat .


Offering small nurturing classes in a safe space filled with compassion and a strong sense of community.


Reiki sessions,  individualized fitness instruction , intuitive wellness consultation,  personal energy and vibrational elevation strategy sessions , and  special events on and off-site available upon request.                                                                                                                          

KARASI; African Origin Meaning Full of Life and Wisdom                                                            

KA; Egyptian Origin Meaning The Spiritual Aspect of One's Self

RASI; Arabic Origin Meaning My Head

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