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Arrive Early for Class.  (Especially if it’s your first class.) This allows time to find a space, unroll your mat and collect your props (any blankets, bolsters, blocks or straps you need to modify poses) without disturbing anyone. It also gives you an opportunity to get into the right mind-set. If you are late, (no more than 5 minutes, please), wait until after the opening ritual before entering; otherwise you are interrupting the class while it is trying to get grounded.

Speak Quietly and Mindfully in the Yoga Room. The yoga room is to most,  considered a space for reflection, self-study, and focus, and maintaining a quiet atmosphere (if not an altogether silent one) supports this frame of mind. Granted, there are times when naturally, there are conversations and laughter before class begins. But if the studio is quiet and meditative, keep it that way , as it is very polite, but it’s beneficial to everyone's own state of mind, as we prepare for class.


Plan to Stay for the Whole Class. If you must leave early, plase inform the instructor, and do it before savasana, the period of final relaxation at the end of class. Again, this is to not disturb your classmates during a key part of class — experts often say savasana is the most important and challenging pose in yoga. Whether coming or going, try not to step on anyone’s mat.


Leave Your Shoes Outside the Door. There are cultural, practical and spiritual reasons for this rule. Many Asian and African countries where yoga is practiced share the tradition of removing shoes when entering a home, school or temple as a sign of respect. Furthermore, yoga is practiced on the floor, and tracking in dirt makes the studio unclean. And, finally, the concept of grounding — literally and figuratively is very important in yoga — it’s simply easier to ground yourself if your feet are making direct contact with the floor.


Leave Your Cellphone Outside the Yoga Room, or Place It On Silent Mode. This is so you can fully disconnect and others won’t be disturbed. If, for some reason, being fully disconnected is going to make you anxious, for example,  you have children who need to be able to reach you, or you're on call for work, please leave it beside you on silent.

Avoid Strongly Scented  Perfume and/or Lotion. These can be distracting for fellow students, and may irritate students who are allergic and may have a reaction.


Personal Hygiene is Supreme. Please arrive on your mat clean and free from unpleasant body odor so that others will not be offended.

Wear Comfortable Clothing Appropriate for the Class. You want something comfortable that you can move in that isn’t prone to a wardrobe malfunction or to bunching up and getting in your way: think stretchy, breathable fabrics.

Let the Instructor Know About Any Physical Issues and/or Preferences. If you have a problem such as a bad back or a frozen shoulder, or if you prefer not to receive any hands-on assists (this is when a teacher touches a student to improve their alignment or make them more comfortable), let the instructor know before class.

Clean Up Your Space After Class. Wipe down any borrowed mats and props after practice and put them away where they belong. Please do not utilize the complimentary compresses to clean your mat. The appropriate mat cleaner and towels are provided in the studio.

Be Compassionate. Try to take your focus inward. Be positive, and meet yourself where you are, as you are exactly as you should be at that very moment. Stay present with your practice.

Be Respectful and Kind. To yourself, your classmates, to the class itself, the facilities and to the instructor.

Thank you for making this space a safe and special place to practice!

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