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SOUL STIRRING SUNDAY is a an empowering  multi-level yoga flow that will set you up for the week with unique chakra balancing sequencing promoting overall wellness of the mind, body and spirit.  We'll soulfully move through poses that assist in whole body alignment, using the energetic flow of prana and meditative movement to assist in enhancing overall health and wellness while also building strength, flexibility, mental clarity and balance. This class strives to leave you vibrantly centered.  All levels welcome.

​SOUL STIRRING SERENITY I & II are both a gentle, soulful, compassionate and comprehensive slow yoga practice that focuses on overall joint mobility and flexibility, while also increasing all over body strength, with the ability to release stress and anxiety. These classes may increase range of motion, reduce pain, alleviate stress, and improve quality of life utilizing breathwork and basic fitness and yoga postures.  Serenity II offers more in depth core sequencing with advanced postural options. All Karasi classes incorporate reflection and meditation. All levels welcome.

SOUL STIRRING STRENGTH is designed to empower you from the inside out, as it encompasses everything from asana (postures), vinyasa (transition flows) and pranayama (breath work), coupled with additional elements of functional strength and mobility. Please share your practice during this playfully powerful class that will invigorate and build resilience, grace and grit from the inside out with the ability to improve overall strength, flexibility and balance. All Karasi classes incorporate internal reflection and meditation. All levels are welcome.

What is Wildcard Wednesday? Each class will feature surprise props and area of concentration

SOUL STIRRING SOUND SLEEP is a meditative movement and visualization practice which allows us to focus and find a sweet release and surrendering of stress and anxiety enabling a more relaxed state of mind and positive outlook. Grab a pillow, and absorb serene sacred sounds while cultivating mindful gentle movements as we work towards developing better sleep patterns.


SOUL STIRRING STRETCH is a Yin inspired practice , which is a calm and mindful practice which enhances the synthesis of asana, breath, and energy. Yin yoga is very slow-paced  with asanas that are held for longer periods of time allowing for the stimulation of  the channels of the subtle body known as meridians in Chinese medicine and as nadis in Hatha yoga. Releasing into the postures for longer periods of time allows for the slowing down of our nervous system and our minds, further allowing our muscles to become supple and less rigid. By stretching and deepening into poses, we’re opening up any blockages (mental, emotional and physical) and releasing that energy to flow freely.  The slow deepening of our breath and movement further enhances our inner chemistry as it shifts towards a balance of the mind, body and soul. All levels welcome.

SOUL STIRRING SLOW BURN builds mental and physical sustainability and stamina from the inside out. Slow, strong and steady, this class works towards creating internal and external heat which allows the body to slowly develop balance, strength and flexibility while cultivating core and mind consciousness through breath and movement. Slow-burn is a multi-level class that will set you on fire leaving you feeling overall balanced, strong and flexible. All levels welcome.


SOUL STIRRING SLOW BURN BARRE  nurtures heat, balance and flexibility from the inside out, inspired by elements of Ballet, Yoga and Pilates.
All Karasi classes incorporate internal reflection and meditation. All levels welcome.

SOUL STIRRING IMMUNITY FLOW is a mindful slow moving  yet powerful, soul stirring, energetic form of yoga where we fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting our breathing to those movements.  This practice incorporates intriguing  sequences that become familiar, and offers variations to modify and/or intensify,  to further connect to oneself during this practice. It can be as vigorous of a practice as you wish, as it is a revitalizing form of fitness of the mind, body and spirit. The sequencing is designed to detoxify the body while enhancing overall  health while boosting immunity. All Karasi classes incorporate reflection and meditation This practice incorporates strength, flexibility, and balance  while also increasing mental and physical stamina. All levels welcome.

SOUL STIRRING ASCENSION YOGA (Spring and Summer) is an elevated core suspension aerial yoga practice that is a fun innovative, and exciting approach to increasing core strength, balance and overall flexibility utilizing yoga sequencing and TRX influenced exercises, further enhanced with the aerial hammock/swing. The aerial hammock/swing also allows for supported inversions, assists in releasing muscle tension, as well as assisiting with the decompression of the spine. This is an awesome full body workout geared to all levels. PLEASE PRE-REGISTER at, AS THIS CLASS IS LIMITED TO FIVE (5) STUDENTS. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN HAMMOCK/SWING DUE TO COVID-19 SAFETY REGULATIONS. All Karasi classes incorporate internal reflection, meditation and/or prayer (optional). All levels are welcome. Free. Conscious contributions graciously accepted via the Karasi website, PayPal and Venmo. The Time is Now...To Live Our Practice!

KARASI FIT YOGA is a multi-level fusion filled vibration and energy enhancing yoga class geared towards increasing all over body strength, balance and flexibility through fluid yoga movements, power poses and  a little cardio, while also utilizing a surprise prop such as toning weights, barre work and/or resistance bands for each class. This class raises core consciousness from the inside out resulting in overall detoxification, self-confidence, and self awareness. All Karasi classes incorporate reflection and meditation.  All levels welcome.

Meditation with Reiki is a calming, restorative practice used to balance the energy within the body, while also providing a safe forum to deeply relax, de-stress, reduce anxiety and maintain your individual meditation practice.


CRYSTAL REIKI is a new and unique  branch of Reiki combining the use of crystals with Reiki, universal life force energy. This form of energy healing combines the specific metaphysical healing properties of crystals with Reiki energy, allowing each session  to be tailored to each individual, and the specific intentions the recipient wants to focus on. Meditation and/or prayer optional.

SOUND REIKI is a branch of reiki that utilizes sound through the voice, singing bowls and various instruments that may stimulate and/or calm the vibrational lifeforce of the recipient. As always, each session is tailored to the unique specifications of each person, by request. Meditation and/or prayer optional.

SOUND  THERAPY & MEDITATION mindful sessions fused with  soothing sounds that may have the capacity to wipe away your stress  and anxiety.  Come, relax and restore with intention, whether it's to increase focus, or deepening your sleep.







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